Ben Jacques-Maynes

We met Ben back in our younger years as a company. We were at the Nevada City Classic, and we were marveling at the dude who kept nipping at the heels of Lance & Levi...turns out, it was the relentless BJM.

Ben has been a professional cyclist for over 15 years. He is a battle-tested, King of the Mountain-winning, true grit cyclist who makes the sport exciting to watch. We are excited to be part of his athletic pursuits.


Getting to know Ben

What is your sport/activity?  

Professional road cycling

How long have you been participating in your sport?

I have been professional for 15 years

What is your hometown?

Berkeley, CA 

What is your perfect post-race meal/favorite food?

This is like asking what is my favorite gas's all fuel in the tank! I have ideas about what constitutes a healthy meal (% carbs/protein/fat, lots of veggies) but the exact form isn't terribly important

Astrological Sign?


When I’m not (running/riding/training/etc), I am…..

Being a dad! My kids are 8 and 10 so there's lots of after school activities and homework

Go to outfit? 

Team Jamis Hagens Berman riding apparel

I never leave home without my…


Coolest place you've ever been?

Deep in the Santa Cruz mountains you can hike to the epicenter of the '89 Loma Prieta earthquake. It doesn't look like much now but whence was new, it was a raw fissure in the earth and massive trees were thrown sideways. As a kid I thought that was the prime example of the power of nature and it's stuck with me.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Pro mt biker...I did turn pro on the mountain bike when I was 20 but then road racing took over.

Your secret talent

A secret

Best advice I've ever received...

An offhand-yet-perfectly-timed "don't give up now, you're so close to realizing your dream" from a former team mechanic, right when things were hard and I wanted to quit. I turned pro 2 months later.

What keeps you motivated?

My kids! Everything I do is for them

I'm excited to be part of Team Zealios because...

Zealios fits perfectly with my daily activity and outlook on life: I want things to be a balance between technology and nature so that our experiences are enhanced.