Chris Harland-Dunaway

Chris Harland-DunawayWe met Chris back in 2013 when he was writing for NorCal Cycling news. He wrote a feature on Zealios and our humble beginnings. His easy demeanor and snappy sense of humor were an instant hit in our office. He has been a friend of the company ever since.  In 2014, he helped us shoot a viral video shoot featuring betwixt and turned out to be quite the natural actor.
Oh, and he is also proficient at riding bikes. Chris is a staple at the front of pelotons up and down the West Coast. We are excited to see where his career takes him, as success couldn't find a nicer guy. 

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Getting to know Chris 

What is your sport/activity?  


How long have you been participating in your sport?

5 years

What would be your perfect day?

The perfect day would start with scrambled eggs, Benton's bacon, and toast with red-eye gravy all over it - obviously it would be a glorious crisp winter morning. I would get on my bike and ride all day with my friends over cattle roads, some long paved climbs, and maybe some single track trails, replete with a coffee stop at some weird middle-of-nowhere spot. I'd get back, slam an Herbalife recovery shake, put on my Marc Pro, and watch a great movie with my girlfriend, Alicia.

What is your hometown?

Moraga, CA 

What is your perfect post-race meal/favorite food?


Astrological Sign?


When I’m not (running/riding/training/etc), I am…..

Writing or reading.

Go to outfit? 

I spend a lot of time in Lycra, so the go to is definitely my flawless Jakroo team kit.

I never leave home without my…

book I'm reading. 

Coolest place you've ever been?

I did some riding when I studied abroad in Morocco - the coolest place I saw was an old-growth cedar forest in the Middle Atlas Mountains. The narrow alleys of the medina in Marrakesh were cool too, with guys weaving through crowds of people on motorcycles!

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Train engineer. No doubt.

Your secret talent


Your worst habit?

Thinking I can get more done in any given amount of time than I possibly can.

What can you not live without?

girlfriend, Alicia, and my family. 

In 10 years what do you want to be?

A successful journalist, a former pro cyclist, and an otherwise prolific writer.

I'm excited to be part of Team Zealios because...

I'll have healthy skin, no saddle sores, and I won't grow up to look like a leather purse!