Tayler Wiles

Living in Northern California, we already knew that Tayler was "kind of a big deal." It was our friend Lisa Hunt at Osmo Nutrition who connected us to this rad chick.

We wooed Tayler with our charm, wit, and outstanding products. She loves that we're a California born-and-raised company that's just a stone's throw away from her hometown.

Tayler did her first road race in August of 2009. It was the last local road race of the year in Utah where she grew up. She had gotten a just bike two weeks earlier and jumped right into it. "It was one of the hardest things I had ever done and even though I got totally creamed I fell in love with the sport right away." She signed for an American professional team in 2011, and a European professional team in 2013.



Getting to know Tayler

How long have you been participating racing bikes?

5.5 years

What would be your perfect day?

Waking up with [girlfriend] Olivia and riding cruiser bikes to breakfast someplace yummy! Then walking around Fairfax, enjoying the sun and going for at least two coffee dates :) Then my ultimate day would be if my family was in town visiting, having them all up to the treehouse (thats what we call our house) for a big BBQ and getting to spend time with all of them as well as some close friends.

What is your hometown?

Murray, UT

What is your perfect post-race meal/favorite food?

Hmmm that is a tough one because eating is my favorite thing to do! I love chocolate chip cookies so that may be my favorite food, but post race or hard rides I love to go out for breakfast type food. Breakfast burritos and good coffee! Or after a REALLY hard ride there is nothing like a big burger, sweet potato fries, and a cider!

Do you have any daily routines that you find help keep you centered/happy?

YES! I am really big on routines! My coffee and breakfast routine in the morning is one of my favorite things. I am a big coffee person and I travel everywhere with my pour over set up. No matter where I am in the world I can always count on a great cup of brew in the morning. Being away from home so much it is really important for me to keep little bits of home and familiarity with me wherever I go. I also do yoga everyday. This has been huge for me. I love how yoga makes me feel and how it helps me relax, stay centered, and also feel strong and well rounded.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Professional soccer player!

Your secret talent

I know the lyrics to EVERY song I've ever heard!

Your worst habit?

Constantly planning my next meal... ;)

In 10 years what do you want to be?

A retired world champion enjoying life! ;)

My motto is:

Dream Big.

I'm excited to be part of Team Zealios because...

They keep my skin happy!



I never leave home without my Zealios sun barrier sunscreen! It is the best sunscreen for high performance and endurance sport. I’m confident going out on long rides, knowing my skin is protected from the sun no matter how much I sweat or how long I ride. When I travel to races I always always no matter what have two things; my coffee making set up and my Zealios sun barrier! :)