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"It is so good, I've been using for years. Non-clogging, high zinc and goes on clear!"
-Paul L

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"Zealios is much easier to apply compared to my old zinc based sunscreen. I noticed that the daycare providers for my kids were having a hard time rubbing in the house paint like zinc that I used to send with them. I'm sending Zealios now instead and it's so much easier to apply, the kids have more sunscreen on, and everyone is happy! :)
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Got this after a training partner at IM Maryland and raved about it. I typically don't put sunscreen on may face especially above my eyes during the summer but with this I can. No stinging eyes, no tears on the run. Excellent!
-Joseph C.


I love this sunscreen! Finally something that lasts for my 4+ hour bike rides! I had tried all sorts of sports sunblocks, but nothing lasted. THIS LASTS! I never use anything else!

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