Jesse Thomas, IRONMAN and Zealios Athlete
Tested & Proven
Athletes trust Zealios to perform while training & on race day
Zealios Sun Barrier SPF 45 sunscreen with zinc
Ready, Set, Zinc
Zinc-based, long-lasting & water resistant sunscreen
Zealios Swim & Sport shower products gently remove chlorine
Leave the chlorine at the pool
Gently removes chlorine & restores your hair

Focus on your performance, not your skin & hair products.

All of our products are designed & tested by top endurance athletes. Made with high-quality & long-lasting ingredients to stand the test of the hottest days, sweatiest adventures and toughest elements.

We give athletes confidence and peace of mind to perform at their best.

Zealios Sun Barrier 3 ounce SPF 45 Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide. FDA's highest water resistance rating at 80 minutes. Dries clear and won't sting your eyes.
Zealios Betwixt 8 ounce all-natural anti-chafing skin lubricant and chamois cream. Non-staining and suitable for men and women.
Zealios Swim & Sport Bundle Savings includes chlorine, sweat and salt removing Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash, all 12oz bottles
Zealios convenient travel size pack with Swim & Sport 2 ounce shampoo, conditioner, body wash and 2 Sun Barrier sunscreen pocket packets.
Linsey Corbin IRONMAN and Zealios Athlete
Jesse Thomas IRONMAN and Zealios Athlete
Heather Jackson IRONMAN and Zealios Athlete
Center of Disease Control & Prevention sun safety information


As endurance athletes, we spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. All that time outside comes with some risk, especially when it comes to sun exposure.

At Zealios, we're extremely passionate about sun safety and awareness. Know the facts and stay protected

Brent McMahon Olympian, World Cup & IRONMAN Champion

'Zinc Out Loud!' with Brent McMahon

Zealios Zinc Out Loud
“On the run course, my coach was screaming at me,
“If you can run just a few seconds faster you can break 8 hours”.
I gave him the finger and said “I don’t care”.
We sat down with Brent, one of the new athlete additions that Zealios supports, after his recent return from his annual Hawaii training trip where he spends 5 weeks soaking up sun and warmth while powering through a solid training block.
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Wildflower Experience Triathlon Bradley, CA

Wildflower Experience turns 35 & the celebration was AWESOME!

Wildflower is BACK! And age 35 never looked so good. The weekend had perfect conditions - dry, hot and lots of dirt. But what wasn't dry was Lake San Antonio. The lake was stunning and full! Get the race and weekend recap here!
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Jesse Thomas, IRONMAN champion winning his 6th Wildflower Triathlon in Bradley, CA

'Zinc Out Loud!' with Jesse Thomas

Zealios Zinc Out Loud athlete interviews

“A six-peat, you can’t even find information on a six-peat on Google or Wikipedia. So... that explains just how hard six-peats are.”

We Skyped with Zealios athlete and Ironman champ Jesse Thomas to chat about the upcoming and highly anticipated Wildflower Triathlon race on May 5th and his six-peat record at the event.

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