Zealios Update: Summer is Here, Crazy Travel, New Packaging, and Pub Talk!


We made it! Summer is finally upon us and we couldn't be happier about it. Summer for us means it's the busy season. Kevin and I have been traveling all over the Western United States attending events and supporting athletes. We kicked things off with another epic Sea Otter Classic (HOT), and have been at it ever since. Wildflower was incredible this year with Jesse Thomas grabbing his 6th straight victory (!!), and Matt Lieto with an impressive 8th place finish given that he had to stop for three minutes to stretch his calf! Well done fellas! We enjoyed our time with Matty Reed, Nate Dressel, Kara LaPoint, and all the good folks at Wattie, Ink and RIDE Triathlon. Good times!

We also made appearances at Oceanside, St. George, and Texas. It's been a busy start! While it can be exhausting spending so much time on the road it usually gives Kevin and I some time away from the office to disconnect and catch up with outside of the office. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle of the office so it's usually on these outings that we get to think up some new ideas. 


Kara LaPoint stopped by to say "hi" at Sea Otter



Boom! So, it took us a year but we finally realized people really want the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash in family sized pump jugs. We are here to serve. Our first inventory run of the new pump jugs just rolled off the line and they are already going quick. The family sized 32 oz. jugs will help keep the shower stocked. We decided to discontinue the 16 oz. bottle in lieu of a 12 oz. one. The 12 oz. bottle seems to travel better to the gym and pool and fits well in a bag. It's a surprisingly big headache to change packaging, and inevitably issues pop up, but we are really pumped (ha) that we followed through on this little project. Check out the new pumps here.



Finally, we were really honored to be a featured speaker at EDCO's Pub Talk. We felt really grateful to share the stage with such talented and passionate people. It's always fun to share our story, warts and all, with new people. We have made some incredible connections as a result of the event and are really feeling the love from our adopted home town. Thanks for coming out and supporting us!

Before I sign off, I want to say thanks on behalf of Kevin, myself, and the entire team. We grew at 240% last year thanks entirely to your support! We are humbled and grateful for each order and will continue to try to create great products for you all.

See you out there!!