Creating a Viral Web Short

Last spring we decided to create a web short for betwixt with the goal of generating some brand awareness. Admittedly, we were getting a little stir crazy in the office and it had been a while since we dusted off the ol' costumer box. Plus, we are always looking for new opportunities for Will Havard to prove his loyalty to the company. Loyalty to the company usually means jumping into the San Francisco Bay at 6 am for a photo shoot or, as in this case, donning spandex and trying to remember how to roller blade.

We also managed to enlist long time zealios advocates Weston Walker (, his lovely wife Mallory (check out her business, and Chris Harland Dunaway of Marc Pro Strava/Herbalife. Within the span of a week we found ourselves outside of the Ol' Republic Brewery in Nevada City, CA trying to come up with a plan for the days shoot. We dug out a few costumes from the trusty costume box and got to work. It turned out to be a great day with a ton of laughs and a few miscues. We learned that Will still has his roller blade chops and that the Ol'Republic Brewery brews a mean pale ale. Check out these photos of the team in action:

Two zealios amateurs (Austin Britts & Will Havard) trying to look cool alongside Chris HD.


Chris HD and Weston Walker making good use of the truck.  This might be the slowest Chris HD has ever pedaled. 


By far my favorite image of the day. Eating gas station hot dogs and passing pros. #aintnothang


And of course....the final product. We managed to land over 8k views in the first week. Not a bad effort for a Wednesday afternoon!! We'd like give a huge thanks to Dwayne and Connie of Tour of Nevada City Bicycles, the folks at Ol' Republic Brewing for the tasty brews, Weston, Mallory, Chris HD, and the rest of the talent.  Enjoy!



                                                                  betwixt from Zealios Skin Care on Vimeo.