A Q&A with Angela Naeth

There are a few words that come to mind when we hear the name Angela Naeth: gritty, resilient, and all-around badass. She has a comeback story for the ages. Pro triathlete is diagnosed with Lyme disease, still manages to place 8th at the Ironman World Championships in a stacked field. Pro triathlete then has two wrist surgeries and still punches her ticket to Kona. Yeah...she's kind of a big deal. And that is why we are so excited to have her in the Zealios fold!

Angela Naeth Ironman Chattanooga

Angela was gracious enough to chat with us about all things racing, COVID, and chronic illness.

What are your top tips for age group athletes?  
Keep it simple. 3 swims, 3 runs and 3 bikes weekly. Consistency is key. Find a team or group to keep you motivated and always focus on the enjoyment! 
Why do you love the sport of triathlon?
I love the lifestyle and the variety of sport and training. I love the people in the sport and the community. 
How are you getting through the craziness of 2020?
ZWIFT racing! I starting racing on my bike in Zwift and it's been a ton of fun. We started an E-racing women's team and it's been a great community to be a part of IRACELIKEAGIRL E-RACING.  My team in real world, IRACEALIKEAGIRL has been the best group and we keep one another motivated with meetups on zoom, team challenges and connection. 
I Race Like A Girl Triathlon Team
Resilience may be one of the top words that comes to mind when we think about your journey. Is it in your genes?! Is it mental fortitude? What's the secret sauce to always coming back?! 
I think I always just have in the back of my mind two things: 
"Let's See what I've got."
"The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them."   
Living and racing with a chronic illness must force you to be very in tune with your body and what it can and can't do. How do you clue into how your body is feeling and how much you can push it?
As an athlete, it's a constant check-in to see how I am feeling and doing. I am not afraid to lower my intensity, take a day off and/or seek alternatives to training. The key is consistency, being patient, and smart! 
Any advice for athletes living with a chronic illness? 
Create a good group of people around you - include your doctors, family members and coach! My team has been monumental in my success. 
We can't wait to see what podiums Angela tops in 2021! Be sure to follow along with her journey on Instagram or her website.