Blasting to the Past for our 4th Birthday!

First, thank you Team Zealios fans for an awesome 4 years! We're growing up fast, still having too much fun and appreciate your support.

To celebrate and reminisce on the last 4 years, we pulled out 4 of our favorite and some laughable memories from the Zealios vault to share with you.

# 1

Zealios old school branding

The very first branding ideas that now seems more like names for American Gladiators ….

# 2

Zealios Betwixt Samples Packets

Or that time we showed up at the Sea Otter Classic event in street clothes (too broke for company swag...) and duffle bags full of thousands of Betwixt chamois cream samples. Because nothing seems weird about two dudes trying to get you to try some butt cream…right?!

# 3

Nevada Cycling Classic Race

Or when Lance Armstrong entered the Nevada City Cycling Classic criterium race last minute, an event we had a selling booth at. We really thought it was our break! So, knowing Lance would likely win the majority of the race primes, we volunteered to throw a ton of Betwixt tubes into the prime prizes. “Lance is gonna love Betwixt so so much that he’ll probably call us for more…” Lance, we’re still waiting for that hotline bling

# 4

Wildflower Triathlon Event

Or in 2015 when we took Zealios to our first triathlon event in Bradley, California for the Wildflower triathlon and it changed everything. While we’d always tailored our products for endurance athletes, we quickly fell in love with the triathlon community. And the triathlon community didn’t even judge that two ‘larger’ rugby boys were slanging chamois cream and sunscreen because the product was that good and perfect for triathletes.

This was also when we met a number of people who have become a regular part of our Zealios life, HJ & Wattie and Chris & Diane Jackson, Sam Corace (who said he was going to try our Sun Barrier on race day and find out if it stung his eyes... which it didn’t!), Nate Dressel and many many more amazing people.




A few more because they’re too good to not share…

Zealios shout out to Lululemon

That time we tried to get Lululemon to acknowledge us on social media by wearing their clothes, including Austin’s wife’s pink hot pants! It worked... they said ‘hey!’

But that was it, just a ‘hey’...



Zealios first website

And look at this! Our first ever website. All 3 pages of awesomeness.


 Zealios second website launch

Then our second website. Getting better...



Zealios original crew Will, Kevin and Austin

And that year we worked over 100 events. Yep, one with two zeros. Here with early co-founder Will Nystrom in 2015. The hustle is real!



Special thanks to the OG Team Zealios supporters:

Wattie and Heather Jackson

Wattie has helped introduce and guide us through the world of triathlon. We’re really lucky to call him and HJ good friends.   

Haley Chura, professional athlete for Team Zealios

Haley Chura was our very first Team Zealios athlete and supporter.

Jesse Thomas, professional triathlete on Team Zealios
Jesse Thomas who’s been part of Team Zealios since 2016 and huge inspiration to our company.