Breaking Barriers: Norm and Sandra Seavers

Norm and Sandra Seavers are what we consider a power couple. They have crossed many triathlon finish lines together and are committed to increasing the diversity in their beloved sport. The Seavers are the next highlight in our partnership with Diversity in Aquatics and the International Water Safety Foundation.

Discovering Triathlons

Norm and Sandra Seavers Triathlon Couple

Norm was the first of the couple to pick up the love of triathlon. He competed in his first triathlon in 1987, and after competing in duathlons, Sandra joined the swim, bike, run club with Norm. The two still train together and Sandra says the most important thing is they support each other and enjoy their time together!

Breaking Barriers

As Black athletes, Norm and Sandra have first hand experience with breaking barriers. We all share the hope that as the triathlon community grows, we can create a more diverse racing community.

"Thankfully, it is much easier to find someone that looks like me now.  Usually I now find at least a few Black triathletes at most races.  Triathlon is unfortunately an upper middle class priced sport. That is as much a limiting factor to Blacks participating as anything.  But as we have increasingly moved into the upper middle class and beyond, we have the discretionary income, time, and hence are discovering the sport and participating. The Black Triathletes Association and Diversity in Aquatics-Triathlon Council, are resources for anyone considering participating in any multi-sport. There are local triathlon clubs that are inclusive of anyone that wants to participate. USA Triathlon is now looking for ways to proactively be more inclusive. Beginner Triathlete is another web-based resource for any new triathletes."

Sandra Seavers Diversity in Triathlon

Sandra joined a local Women for Tri initiative. She said it was welcoming, though there were only two women of color at the time. She was assigned a mentor that was welcoming and inclusive. 

Dedication to Diversity

The Seavers are heavily involved in Diversity in Aquatics and the Black Triathletes Association. They encourage athletes of all backgrounds to find a group or association that represents them. And if it doesn't exist, create one!

Norm Seavers Diversity in Triathlon

"I think it is very important that we are present. Present to help the sport see itself from another perspective. Present to help the sport see obstacles it might not see and possible ways of nullifying those obstacles.  Present from a give back perspective and increasing our visibility as blacks, identified genders, sizes and experiences."