Do You Need Sunscreen During Winter?

The short answer: a big, resounding YES! And we're not just saying that to move more Sun Barrier tubes! That big orange thing in the sky, though we may not see it as much during winter, still emits UV rays that can be harmful to your skin. Especially if you are an athlete spending time outside during winter, sunscreen is a must for your gear bag.

That means you--the skiers, snowboarders, runners, hikers, fat tire bikers, and cold weather warriors! Even if you don't get a sunburn, the sun is still at work aging skin.

Why athletes need sunscreen in the winter

What do you need to look for?

According to dermatologists, anything over SPF 30 (Sun Barrier is SPF 45) blocks 97% of harmful UV rays. When you're headed outside for a winter workout, cover any area that is exposed. Think about your face, neck, ears, hands and lips. And don't forget to reapply! If you're outside for more than two hours, get out the Sun Barrier and lather it on again. Just like sweat during the summer can cut through your sunscreen, so too can winter conditions. Snow and wind can hinder its effectiveness, so apply it more than once in the morning!

For the winter sport fans, the UV rays are even more real. For every 1,000 feet in elevation, UV radiation increases 4 – 5%. If you're hitting the slopes to ski or snowboard, sunscreen should be part of your parking lot preparation!  

Sun Barrier sunscreen for winter athletes

OK but what about all this time we're spending indoors? It is COVID after all! Don't skip your sunscreen! The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that glass blocks UVB rays, but not UVA rays. If your work from home desk is right by a window, or you are sitting in the car for long road trips, apply sunscreen to any exposed skin--in any season! Our 2 oz. refillable travel bottles with a carabiner clip are the perfect sunscreen travel companion.

May the odds be ever in your favor this winter season!