How To Wear Sunscreen - Tips from Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano 'Ginja Ninja'

Professional Triathlete & Ginger, Sarah Piampiano (AKA 'Ginja Ninja') shares quick tips on applying sunscreen.

Plus, she kicks off our Sunscreen Style Challenge for your chance to win Sun Barrier SPF 45 zinc sunscreen & a $100 gift card!



Hey, Sarah Piampiano, pro triathlete and Ginga Ninja here!

I’m excited to be part of Zealios Ginger Awareness Month and help spread the importance of sun safety and wearing sunscreen.

I’ve got 2 easy sunscreen tips for you:


Tip #1: Use enough sunscreen

Many people don’t use enough sunscreen and end up getting burnt. The FDA recommends you use 1 oz of sunscreen for a full body application.

I make sure I apply a good layer 15 minutes before heading outside for any activity to ensure the sunscreen is absorbed and ready to protect.  


Tip #2: Remember to reapply

You need to reapply your sunscreen if you’re in the sun for extended periods of time. The FDA recommends you reapply every 2 hours.

I carry sunscreen with me on my really long bike rides to allow me to reapply and stay burn free all day.


These are two easy tips to remember when applying your sunscreen to ensure you stay protected all day.

Now, we want to know how you apply your sunscreen! 

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