It's Fall Y'All, and It's Still Sunscreen Season

Like it or not, fall has officially landed. And while the change of seasons brings with it a change of routines, there are a few things that should remain year round. (ahem, we're looking at you iced coffee) The one thing that never goes out of season guessed it... SPF! 

The sun, and its accompanying UVA and UVB rays are still working just as hard October-December. And that means your skin still needs protected. Perhaps a bonus: more clothing means less exposed skin!

Your SPF routine can be simple, but with Zealios products, it's a powerful one.

Fall SPF Routine

Step 1: Apply Sun Barrier to any exposed skin. That includes the face!

Step 2: Swipe on LipGuard to protect your lips

Step 3: For extra hydration (it's also dry skin season!) lather on Body Lotion

And now you're free to go to a pumpkin patch, crunch through the leaves, bask in the sun with your latte, or go for that long training run for a fall marathon. 

Psssssst...the changing of the seasons is also a great time to see if any of your body care products are expired. Sunscreen DOES have an expiration date!