Sunscreen is an Essential

With much of our headspace taken up ensuring we stay healthy and safe during this critical time, we can’t forget that sunscreen is an essential for our skin health. 

Are you now thinking… 

Where is that leftover sunscreen from last year?

...In the medicine cabinet? 

...Maybe the car? 

...In one of the kitchen drawers? 

...Or the beach bag?

Once the bottles and tubes of sunscreen pop out of winter hibernation check the expiration date to make sure it’s still good. If you find your sunscreen is expired, toss it and stock up on some fresh sunscreen. Expired sunscreen can quickly lose its ability to effectively block the sun leaving you unprotected on your next long run or bike ride and likely cause you to get sunburned. 

Here are 3 additional signs that you need to toss your sunscreen.  

Now you can check another thing off your stay healthy list! 

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Stay active and wear sunscreen! 

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