Team Spotlight: Andy Potts Racing

Andy Potts is a familiar name to anyone who follows triathlon. And to be on the Andy Potts team is nothing short of inspiring. We're honored to be in partnership with this 350-person team that spans the globe. Thanks for the inside look!

When and how did the team form?

AP Racing formed in 2015 after years of discussion between myself and Daniel Brienza about the best ways we could give back to the sport and create community. 

Our #1 goal since day one has been to provide access. Access to the best coaching, access to the best equipment, and access to the best experiences (camps, team events, online classes, etc) at really affordable rates. Without a doubt, we have and continue to deliver on this promise. Our coaching offerings are the more cost effective and robust programs you will find on the market. To further that, we have set up the team and our partners such that if an athlete purchases new equipment during the year, it ends up being cheaper to purchase the equipment and use our coaching/team services than if they were to just go out and purchase things independently. 
Our motto:  "Do really cool stuff with really cool people, and have more fun than anyone else while doing it!"
A few of the team's top achievements?
Achievements are a funny thing, they are all about perspective. Right now, I am most proud of how our team has come together to support each other over the last 6 years; especially during this last year which we know has been challenging for everyone. We have had fitness challenges, master classes, camps, lots of ironman champions, kona qualifiers, age group national champions and so much more; but in the end, the memories we have created and friendships I have seen develop over the years are far and away the greatest thing our team has done.
Zealios Andy Potts Racing
Go-To Zealios product?
Wow- that is a really tough one. By default, I would say the sun protection as we spend a lot of time in the sun training together and at camps. But, I am going to throw everyone a curve ball- The body wash and conditioner might be our ‘go-to’ right now. At our camps, we spend a lot of time in vans and in close quarters after long training days. So, without those products, we might have a few unhappy people :) 
Is there a staple Andy Potts Racing workout?
Anyone who has been to our group training sessions or our camps knows that we like to climb, a lot. A bit part of that is logistics, as it is easier to manage a workout for athletes of varying abilities on a climb than on flat open roads and also because of the sense of achievement and adventure you get when climbing something. I have to say, some of my best memories over the past 6 years has been watching people achieve things they didn’t even think were possible. I love all of the smiling faces I have seen at the top of places like Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans, Mt. Lemmon and Palomar, to name a few. 
Team philosophy?
I have spent the better part of 40 years defining and redefining my coaching/training philosophy and I think the answer I tend to give most is “it depends”. Any coach who thinks they have all of the answers is someone I would run from really quickly. With that, there are a few simple truths:
  • Triathlon has to fit into your life, your life does not have to fit into triathlon
  • You are an experiment of 1
  • It depends
  • Consistency and Repeatability trump all other training methodologies
  • Everyone should be a part of AP Racing.

Zealios Andy Potts Racing

Why should a triathlete join a team?

In the simplest terms- because it is probably good for you as a human being. 
I think back over my athletic career and the best memories I have had are the moments I got to share with others. My biggest gains came when I was part of a group of like minded individuals all striving to achieve more together. My happiness has been at all time highs when doing cool stuff with cool people. Above all else, a team can provide community and as human beings we can all benefit from being a part of something or feeling kinship with others.
With that said, be careful of the ’time suck’ and increased pressure that group workouts can cause. You should constantly be auditing your time to make sure you are not spending more time getting to/from group workouts than actually participating in them. Unless that brings you happiness, because at the end of the day, that is what we are working towards.
How can people join the team or follow along?
Joining is easy as we have 4 really great options for people to join. As they say, something for everyone. Check out details here. Or, just email me and I am happy to answer all of your questions: