Team Spotlight: Blueseventy Racing

If you're a triathlete, you're familiar with the Blueseventy name. Their wetsuits are legit, and a must have for any triathlete or open water swimmer! They also have a triathlon team, Blueseventy Racing. With a strong membership, we're honored to be a sponsor of the team. Thanks Blueseventy for checking in with us!

Number of people on the team?
We have 570 members representing the team on our 2021 roster.
Our members are worldwide — we have representation from 26 countries!
When and how did the team form?
Blueseventy racing was formed in 2019 as an ambassador program for blueseventy (an industry leader in technical swim performance products). The team was formed to provide like-minded endurance athletes a space for community a space to share in adventure, competition, and support. The team also exists for these athletes to represent the blueseventy brand and mission in their own training and racing.
Blueseventy Triathlon Team
A few of the team's top achievements?
Were proud to have members from a wide range of experience and ability. From first-time finishes to podium wins to World Championship qualifiers we consider these ALL to be top achievements of our individual members. Last season (2020) our team was a top fundraiser for IRONMAN’s IRONAID campaign. The COVID pandemic rocked everyone’s world, and we were thrilled to see our athletes come together to keep chins up and support a good cause, despite grieving lost races all season.
Team's go-to Zealios product?
The Swim & Sport line. Between chlorine, lake, and ocean water — we do a lot of rinsing!
Is there a staple blueseventy racing workout?
We don’t have an “official” workout, but our swim cords became must-have gear when pools were closed for so much of last year. Tons of great swim cord tips from pros like Justin Metzler and Lionel Sanders on the blueseventy company blog
Blueseventy Triathlon Racing
Team philosophy?
We all come from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities, yet all share in a desire to challenge our own limits and seek new experiences. We believe in supporting and motivating each other, and maintaining a positive outlook both on and off the race course.


Why should a triathlete join a team?
Team members selected for blueseventy racing benefit from being connected to an online community, team gatherings at major races, team challenges, gear giveaways, and exclusive discounts from both blueseventy and a wide partner network. What’s there not to love?!


How can people join the team or follow along with the team?
Check out! Our team website gives more info on our team’s race schedule, member photos, and the sort. We take applications each fall — add your info on the Join Now page to be contacted as soon as applications are open. We hope to see your app!