Team Spotlight - Bones Adventure Racing Team

Zealios Team Spotlight Monthly Feature


Looking for the next wild adventure? Ever thought about Adventure Racing? 

With only a map and compass to navigate, a team races their way across jungle, sheer mountain tops, raging rivers and many more outdoor “beyond your wildest dreams” locations. Learn more about the Bones Adventure Racing Team in this month’s Zealios Team Spotlight.  

So we’re all on an even playing field on exactly what Adventuring Racing is...

Adventure Racing (also known as Expedition Racing) is the "ultimate race of human endurance". Teams of four co-ed athletes race non-stop, day and night, through courses up to 500 miles in length. Each race is a unique journey, made up of legs of trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and rope work. Teams must navigate using a map and compass through remote wilderness checkpoints.  All team members must stay together for the entire race, or are disqualified. First to the finish line wins!

Team Name: 

Bones Adventure Racing

Number of people on the team: 

We have a core team of 4 racers, but a total of 10 racers are part of the team.



Across the US and Canada

Bend (OR) / El Dorado Hills (CA) / East Tawas (MI) / Squamish (BC) / Canmore (Alberta) / ...



When and how did the team form?

Bones Adventure Racing has been competing internationally since 2001. It started with a bunch of friends racing shorter AR races (sprint races), who decided to tackle longer and harder races. Roy Malone our team captain is one of The Adventure Race World Series founders and he is still racing!

Bones Adventure Racing Team navigating in the dark


What makes your team successful?

We combine dozens of years of experience. We've raced on every continent, participated in the biggest races in the sport among the world's best adventure teams. 

We train hard, race with passion and hold respect to our competitors and the places we have the privilege to compete in.

Bones Adventure Racing Team climbing a hill



Advantages of being on the team?

AR is a team sport, without a team you don’t have the sport. 

The speed of the team is based on the slowest team member so when a racer is going through a tough time, the team is there to help. We have tow leashes on our bikes and backpacks, we unload backpacks and share weight amongst the team to keep moving efficiently. We make sure everybody is getting enough food and fluid, and we motivate each other.

Members of the Bones Adventure Racing Team



Do you host camps? 

We hosts clinics for the public and “off-the-grid” events for club members. Earlier this year, we co-organized with Nav-X Challenge a mountain bike orienteering race in the foothills near Sacramento, California. Our objective is to increase the number of events in different locations. We plan to hold events/clinics organized in Bend, Oregon later this year too!



What does your team do for fun?

It will sound cliché... but we love to play in the outdoors, share our passion, spend time with our family and friends, and drink beer!



What are a few of the team’s top achievements? 

In the last 10 years combined we hold 12- 4th place finishes in international races. Including:

2019 | ARWS Expedition Oregon - 4th place

2018 | ARWS Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge - Belize - 1st place

2018 | Primal Quest - Squamish, BC - 2nd place

2017 | ARWS- X Trail China - 4th place

2016 | AR World Championships Australia - 8th place

Upcoming race info: The Bones Adventure Team will be competing in this year’s Eco-Challenge in Fiji with 9+ days of racing! Find more information here 

Good luck to Team Bones!

What do Team Bones members like most about Zealios?

The sunscreen is the best on the market. On our mountain bikes or in kayaks having the ability to apply sunscreen and immediately hold onto our handlebars or paddles without greasy hands is a key advantage!

Bones Adventure Racing member apply Zealios Sun Barrier susncreen


It’s hard to keep going when your legs are sore, but it becomes impossible when you can’t sit on your saddle anymore! Betwixt is another key product that keeps us biking even after hours of continuous riding.

Bones Adventure Racing Team during the bike leg


We race with the best gear and we apply the same principle for our skin products.


Is the Bones team still accepting members? 

We are always open to meeting strong athletes with experience in all Adventure Racing disciplines and those that are willing to suffer for several days in the most remote places on earth!

If you'd like to contact the Bones Adventure Team:

Name: Charles Triponez

Email Address:


Facebook Page:

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