Team Spotlight - Coeur Sport

Zealios Team Spotlight


Meet the spotlight team of the month, Coeur Sports. While they aren't currently racing or training together, this international team of 100 women is still determined to empower women and keep their community active.

Meet the team and see what keeps Coeur Sports going strong after 6 years. 


Coeur Sport triathlon team of 100 women


Team Name:  Coeur Sports

Number of people on the team: 100

Location(s): US, Australia, Canada, Philippines, UK

How and when did the team form?

The team was an integral part of the Coeur brand launch in 2014. We always had consensus that we needed the team, but the novel part was the size (100) and the all inclusive size and ability level. We wanted to be sure we had all levels and backgrounds of experience and life represented so everyone could relate with each other. We have second year athletes all the way to Kona AG World Champs.

Coeur Sports team members on a run



What makes your team successful? 

Our team is successful as they empower women, uphold the Coeur values of heart and courage, and are positive resources for others in the community.

Coeur Sports triathlon team members


Advantages of being on the team? 

The team gets 40% off almost everything on the Coeur Sports website, in addition they are given a kit to race in at no cost. Team members also receive steep discounts with some of the best companies in the industry like Zealios, Argon 18, Enve, Nuun, InsideTracker, Fuerza Coffee, Wahoo, and Roka.

Do you host camps? 

Yes! We host a West Coast camp, which has been in Carlsbad, CA the last few years, and this year we're hosting a new East Coast camp in Lake Placid, NY. We're also hosting a virtual camp this year!

More info on their training camps here

What does your team do for fun? 

Currently, we're learning and having fun seeing pictures in our new quarantined lives. Each member hosts an event promoting and encouraging others in the community. It's anything from a transition clinic, to a ladies night at a local retail shop, to a group ride!

What are a few of the team’s top achievements? 

We think our team has achievements of all levels, from Kona podium finishes and qualifiers, to 70.3 qualifiers, to our teammates accomplishing their first race at a certain distance or hitting their longest swim, bike or run.

Coeur Sports triathlon team at the finish line



What do your team members like about Zealios?

Some quotes straight from the team:

Betwixt chamois cream because my tender areas need to stay happy with all these extra trainer hours.” 


Coeur team member @angquick on the indoor trainer

Coeur Sports team member @angquick

“Their Sun Barrier sunscreen!! It’s the literal (LITERAL) best. Apply in the morning pre-race, and I’ll barely get a tan line at a 70.3! Which is my mom’s favorite part about it too... because now she doesn’t worry about me getting sunburnt when I’m training and racing!” 


Sunscreen! I can put it on before an IM and don’t need to reapply or finish with a sunburn.”


Coeur Sports team member with Zealios Sun Barrier & Betwixt packets

Coeur Sports team member @ironseashell


“The Shampoo is good at getting the chlorine out and keeping your hair soft. Body wash is good for sensitive skin.” 

Is the team still accepting members? 

We are not, but our applications will open in October!

If you’d like to learn more about Coeur Sports, reach out to:

Name: Lisa Holt

Email Address: