Team Spotlight - District Multisport

Zealios Team Spotlight


Meet the East Coast team District Multisport who are finding comradery in sport and most importantly community. Throughout the year the team leaves the spandex at home and volunteers at several local races, group trail cleanups, and even helps the city’s Humane Rescue Alliance. This team is doing great things, learn more below!


Team Zealios District Multisport team



Team Name: District Multisport


Number of people on the team: 78, which includes full members and our “ex-pats,” who stretch from Spain to Tennessee.


Location(s): Washington, DC, with a few team members in Virginia and Maryland


When & how did the team form? 

The team got its start in 2009, when a spin instructor organized a handful of triathletes, cyclists, and trail runners to form Bike Rack Multisport. It started small with 10-15 people, but quickly grew once team members started bringing friends. By 2014, it had more than quadrupled in size. Late in 2015, the team made the switch from having a title sponsor to a partnership-based model and officially became District Multisport.


What’s the best part about being part of the team?

The comradery and supportive environment – the racing is fun, but the friendships are the best part.

 District Mulitsport teammates


Do you host camps or team trips?

One of our favorite weekends every year is the Kinetic Triathlon Festival, held at Lake Anna State Park in Virginia. With multiple distances in an idyllic setting, it serves as our unofficial start of the season, and more than half of the team typically races!

Obviously, that’s not happening this year, but in its place we’re excited to be trying our first team organized virtual 5k! 

Recently, we’ve organized biannual bike camps at the Lost River Barn – three days climbing the hills of West Virginia is as painful as it is picturesque.  


Outside of the normal group training rides, swims or runs, what does the team do for fun?

We’ve always made sure to focus on the community and comradery aspect of the team with monthly happy hours, weekly coffee meet-ups in the warmer months, an annual summer dinner, and a much anticipated holiday party (aka our excuse to see each other wearing something other than spandex).

Since the team’s inception, we’ve made volunteering a key requirement of members to continue to foster an investment in our community. Every year, you can find District Multisport working the best aid stations at both the Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon and IRONMAN Maryland, helping at the city’s Humane Rescue Alliance, and cleaning trails in Rock Creek Park.

 Team District Multisport volunteering at the local Humane Society

District Multisport teammates volunteer for the community


What are a few of the team’s top achievements?

While our main mission isn't necessarily focused on winning races, we’ve excelled in team and individual competitions – whether it’s local trail races or IRONMAN championships, it’s a common sight to see District Multisport on the podium.

The team WON the 2017 USA Triathlon Club Regional Championships, has numerous USAT All-Americans every year, and consistently has qualifiers for the IRONMAN World Championship and 70.3 World Championship.

 Team member of District Multisport competing in an Ironman 70.3 in Maine


We’re so stoked to be part of your team, what do your team members like about Zealios?

We have been fortunate to be partners with Zealios for just over a year, but in that short time it has quickly become a must-have among District Multisport (Mid-Atlantic summers don’t mix well with fair skin). While we love the swim products, it’s the Sun Barrier SPF 45 Zinc Sunscreen that the team has come to depend upon.

Hear straight from the team:

“Yes, I am taking my Zealios travel bottle!” – The only thing Natalie felt was important enough to mention she was bringing to RAGBRAI

“The sunscreen lasts and lasts and lasts, just recently put it to the test under some very intense African sun!”

“The sunscreen is excellent. Not greasy or chalky and WORKS. I've been out for 5-6 hours on the bike and not even had a hint of a tan line afterwards, and that's with one application.” - Mira

“I wanted to thank our Board for the fantastic new partnership with Zealios. Amazing stuff. Absolutely NO stinging eyes, which is a constant problem with every other sunscreen in our house. Rubs in amazingly well, no awkward pale hues (which my British husband appreciated, as he doesn’t need help looking more pale). I was pleased to have their products for myself, but it’s going to be a life-saver through tennis and swim camp this summer for my kids. THANK YOU!!!”

 Team District Multisport on a bike ride


Is the team still accepting members? 

District Multisport opens a membership drive every year from September through November. During this time, prospective teammates will have multiple opportunities (think happy hours and fun runs) to meet current members, giving both sides a chance to determine if we're a good fit.


If you’d like to learn more about District Multisport, reach out to:

Email Address: