Team Spotlight - Dynamo Multisport

Meet the Dynamo Multisport team from Atlanta, Georgia. With 11 years, 150 members and 5 coaches the team is going strong and has us seeing green! #GoGreen


Team Name:

Dynamo Multisport

Number of people on the team:



Atlanta, Georgia

When & how did the team form?

The team started in 2008 by Matthew Rose. We saw an opportunity to leverage the fantastic Masters Swimming program Coach Maria Thrash had built at Dynamo. Using the extra facility space that was available, Maria and I introduced indoor cycling classes at the Chamblee location in 2009. In addition to the Masters Swimming and indoor cycling sessions, we began coaching triathletes with individual programs. Six athletes grew into 20 by the end of the 2009 season, including two Ironman Hawaii qualifiers, one of whom stood on the podium at the greatest stage of the triathlon world that year.


Dynamo Multisport team at the swimming pool


What makes your team successful?

The core culture characteristics of our group – caring, empathetic, diverse, fun-loving, loyal, proud and driven – are fiercely in tact. We purposely lead the group as a family. As such we are incredibly close. And we have 5 coaches on our staff to support the team.

Pro triathlete Haley Chura photo credit: @justinluau

Haley Chura is one of the Dynamo coaches (and a Team Zealios athlete!)

Photo credit: @justinluau

Do you host camps?

We do! We hold a spring camp at Callaway and in the north Georgia mountains.

What does your team do for fun?

Ride bikes! Indoors or outside.

Dynamo Multisport team cycling indoors


What are a few of the team’s top achievements?

Since 2009 Team Dynamo has had team members qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Dynamo Multisport team with Kyle & Brent of the Kyle Pease Foundation

Team Dynamo in Kona, Hawaii 2018 with Kyle & Brent Pease part of the Kyle Pease Foundation

What do your team members like about Zealios?

Zealios is truly the best! We stay protected and safe while training hard and appreciate all the support provided for our sport.

Is the team still accepting members?

Yes! We’re always looking for new members!

If you’d like to learn more about the Dynamo team, reach out to:

Name: Matthew Rose

Email Address:


Facebook: @Dynamomultisport

Twitter: @WeAreDynamo