Team Spotlight - HAT Altitude Team

Zealios Team Spotlight


Team Name: 

HAT Altitude Team (HAT stands for High Altitude Training)

Number of people on the team: 

Currently 27, but growing every year!


Denver, Colorado



How and when did the team form?

The team formed in 2016 under the direction of Tristen Rogers, founder and head coach. Tristen left her full-time job as an Athletic Director of a 5A high school to pursue coaching triathlon as a full-time job. 

With the newly founded HAT Altitude Team Tristen began promoting her HAT House Endurance Camps up in Alma, Colorado, a camp catered to endurance athletes looking to gain an edge training at 10,500 feet!  More on this below...  


HAT Altitude Team from Denver, Colorado


What makes your team successful? 

HAT Altitude Team is unique from most coaching companies and teams in that we focus our success around training together and creating a supportive family-type atmosphere. This setting has helped athletes work harder than they would if they were solo. Members receive consistent feedback form an important athlete/coach bond, and have an entire team’s support with successes and failures openly shared to help everyone be their best.



Advantages of being on the team? 

The HAT HQ of course! When you’re a part of our HAT Altitude Team, your membership comes with a private training facility where our team spends many hours on our WAHOO studio bike trainers, running on treadmills, utilizing functional strength tools and getting our bikes all spiffed up and in perfect running condition!  

HAT Altitude Team Headquarters


Do you host camps?

Well of course! We hold HAT House Endurance Camps. Located just outside the highest incorporated town in the United States, HAT House sits at 10,578’ above sea level. You’ll get to ride or run anywhere from 8,500’ to 11,700’, and hike up to 14,000’+ through some of the most beautiful valleys, scenic mountain passes, and highest peaks in the country. 

HAT House Endurance Camp group trail run


The HAT House is open to ALL teams and coaches interested in either having or hosting a camp for their teams. 

HAT House Endurance Camp group bike ride


What does your team do for fun? 

We are a really fun crew in general, but honestly, we love to give back to the endurance community. We volunteer at our local race scene as a group, host social events, and have parties to celebrate birthdays and successful seasons! 

Our team is really like family, so often times when we are not training, we are hanging out together going to concerts, having dinner, and usually doing fun active things together! 



What are a few of the team’s top achievements?

A few recent achievements include:

  • We’ve had a few overall triathlon race winners! 
  • Three athletes qualified and attended the 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France.
  • As a team race we entered 17 athletes into an Olympic triathlon and 12 came away with podium finishes! 

However, podium finishes are not our biggest achievement in our eyes. Being noticed and celebrated as one of the most positive and influential teams in the state has us REALLY jumping for joy in celebration! Making a positive impact on the endurance community is something that is very near and dear to our philosophy and we take it very seriously. 

HAT Altitude Team on the podium


What do your team members like about Zealios? 

We live, train and race very close to the sun here in Colorado. Zealios Sun Barrier sunscreen has become a staple in everyone’s transition and travel bags, and we have YET to sunburn! We can sweat it out, and it never stings or gets in our eyes, and reapplication hardly needs to happen. Your stuff is MAGIC! 

Our athletes also LOVE the Swim & Sport Shampoo and Conditioner, especially during the winter months when 100% of our swim training is done indoors in heavily chlorinated pools. Your products are gentle on the hair and leave us smelling like we were never in chlorine!  



Is the team still accepting members?

We just opened up our applications for the 2020 season! Applications can be found at:



Bonus Question: What is the craziest thing your team does during the year? 

This year our team ran a 5k with a llama. Yup, you heard that right! We came in 2nd place and Rainin’ the llama was SO FAST! 

HAT Altitude Team racing with llamas



If you’d like to learn more about the HAT Altitude Team, reach out to:

Name: Tristen Rogers

Email Address:


Facebook Page: and