Team Spotlight is on Marc Pro Cycling!

Zealios Team Spotlight Feature


Zealios Team Spotlight is on the Marc Pro Cycling team. A small, yet mighty cycling team we've had the privilege to partner with for over 5 years. The team races all around the world while not taking things too seriously.


Team Name:

Marc Pro Cycling Team


Number of people on the team:



The team members live all over the place. From California to Virginia, Nevada and Utah.

What makes your team successful?

We’ve got a fun group of guys that are friends on and off the bike.

Many of us come from diverse athletic backgrounds, but one thing we have in common is that we aspire for greatness in all of our endeavors. Whether it be in community, in sport, the workplace, or a bad joke; we strive to take everything to the next level.

Marc Pro Cycling team members having fun


Advantages of being on the Marc Pro Cycling team?

Racing all over the world with a great group of guys.


Marc Pro Cycling team racing in Rwanda
Marc Pro Cycling team competing in Rwanda


Do you host camps?  

Yes indeed! We do a camp in Marin, CA in the winter. We rent out the California Alpine Lodge on the slopes of Mt. Tam for a long weekend of riding and sponsor presentations.

We also do a week long summer training camp in Mammoth Lakes based out of the Endurance Crib. That’s some of the best altitude training anywhere in the world.


Marc Pro Cycling team camp video


What does your team do for fun?

We do a lot of racing in Central and South America. The guys love hitting up the discotecas (aka nightclubs) after a stage race. They’re amazingly terrible at dancing (and flirting).

Marc Pro Cycling Team racing in Guatemala


What does the Marc Pro Cycling team like about Zealios?

We spend a ton of time in the sun. Races are long, and recovering from each stage is hard enough without trying to recover from a sunburn too!

Zealios is great when you’re really sweating because it doesn’t run off your skin.

Marc Pro Cycling Team using Sun Barrier sunscreen


Is the team still accepting members?

Unfortunately, no. The team is hand-picked and invite only. More info here.


If you’d like to learn more on Marc Pro Cycling, reach out to:

Name: Philip Mooney

Email Address:


Social: @MarcProCycling