Team Spotlight: Merge Multisport

Meet Merge Multisport, a newer Team Zealios partner with some cool options for anyone looking to join a team including weekly Zoom educational chats or 1-on-1 coaching.

Get the lowdown on Merge Multisport and the team's mantra to "chop wood, carry water!”


Number of people on the team?

Currently, we have 25 team members. 



Merge Multisport athletes span across the US from Fargo, ND to Jacksonville, FL and everywhere in between!


When and how did the team form?

Merge Multisport is a team of one-on-one coached athletes primarily participating in triathlon or endurance training. The team has formed slowly over the past year and a half.


A few of the team's top achievements?

Honestly, I think the top achievement from all of the athletes on the team really comes down to the resiliency they showed in coping with everything that 2020 threw at them. Sure, there were some frustrations and disappointments, obstacles to training, and canceled races, but in the end everybody on the team handled the challenges incredibly well - and now we are poised and pumped to take on all that 2021 has in store!

 Merge Multisport Team Member reaches the finishline


Team's go-to Zealios product?

Oh wow! This is a REALLY tough question. If I have to pick, I would say the top 2 would be Sun Barrier and the Swim & Sport Body Wash!

I don’t know anybody on the team that isn’t crazy about the way the Body Wash smells and feels!


Is there a staple Merge workout?

There isn’t necessarily a staple Merge workout. All workouts really depend on the time of year, proximity to races, as well as the individual athletes' goals. That being said, I’m a big fan of 30/30s as well as Low Cadence Work!

Check out what 30/30s are here.


Team/Coaching philosophy?

I know my athletes get tired of hearing me say it, but my mantra is “chop wood, carry water!” It’s all about putting in the work and being patient. When we allow ourselves to get too caught up in outcome-based goals during workouts or on race day, we can easily lose focus of proper execution. We know that when we execute well in the moment, the outcome goals WILL happen!

If you chop enough wood and carry enough water you will eventually have enough wood to build a house and enough water to fill a lake; so, I encourage my athletes to put in the work day after day, and the results will come!

Merge Multisport team member on tri bike 


Tell us about these training camps in Greenville--cycling heaven!

Greenville, SC is honestly an unbelievable spot. When my wife and I moved to the area 7 years ago, it wasn’t for the epic cycling...but the epic cycling was definitely an added bonus! We are so unbelievably fortunate here.

Generally speaking, the drivers are quite friendly. Our road quality isn’t the best but it is WELL worth it for some of the amazing climbs we have the opportunity to attack on any given weekend. We also have beautiful lakes nearby for open-water practice, making Upstate SC a perfect spot for a camp to swim, bike, and run!


Why should a triathlete join a tri team?

In my opinion, humans are not designed to be solo creatures. We thrive when we are with the right tribe! Triathlon training can be such a solo endeavor, so having a tribe to share your struggles as well as your victories can really help athletes to enjoy their journey that much more!

 Merge Multisport team member on a self support 70.3 triathlon


How can people join Merge?

Merge Multisport has 2 avenues for joining:

  1. Learning Team - athletes can pay a small monthly fee to be a part of the learning team. This lets them take part in our weekly Zoom educational chats, be a part of a community of supportive and like-minded athletes on the private Facebook page, and they also get access to a coach (Thomas Skelton III) to reach out to and have a sounding board to ask questions.

  2. One-on-One Coaching - I (Thomas) have a limited number of spots for individual coaching. I work with each athlete to design a customized program to fit their abilities, lifestyle, and both short and long-term goals.  These athletes have access to all the resources the learning team athletes do, but they also receive significant support and ongoing communication in planning and training for their various athletic endeavors.  

At the end of the day, every athlete knows Merge Multisport is a family. When I say to someone “Welcome to The Merge,” it means something special.  


You can learn more about Merge Multisport at:


Instagram: MergeMultisport or ThomasSkelton3

Facebook: Merge Multisport