Team Spotlight - Revolution Racing p/b Jakroo

Zealios Team Spotlight


Meet Revolution Racing p/b Jakroo, a 35 member cycling team out of San Francisco, California. This powerhouse team comprised of mostly females has helped "graduate" riders to the pros and world championships. Learn what makes their team so successful.  


Team Name: 

Revolution Racing p/b Jakroo

Number of people on the team: 


Team Location: 

San Francisco Bay Area

When did the team form?

The team began as a poorly organized group of bike messengers that were great, passionate racers. Deciding some structure was necessary to get things done and grow the team into something stronger, an official charter was written in 2002 that stands as the basis for how our team operates today. While the team’s organizational name has been Revolution Racing since that point, we’ve changed names several times over the years depending on sponsorship. 

(you may remember them as JLVelo Racing) 

What makes your team successful?

Our team is largely successful due to the structure and guidance set forth in our charter including the care we take as we accept new members, having a multi-person board of directors rather than a single team captain, as well as communicating our goals, achievements, and frustrations during team meetings before and after races. 

Revolution Racing team group photo


What are the advantages of being on the Revolution Racing team? 

The best part of being on this team is the camaraderie and friendship. You learn to trust one another, learn one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and work together to achieve success as a team. We pool together and split any cash winnings we earn in races, with a portion going towards a “Prize Pig” that we use to fund our end-of-year team party. 

The team is also great for sharing Sun Barrier sunscreen when you accidentally leave yours at home! 

Does the team host any annual races or events?

We host an annual race in downtown San Francisco, a criterium called the Giro di San Francisco. It takes place each year on Labor Day. Come join us! 

Revolution Racing annual race Giro di San Francisco

Photo cred: @jeffvsphoto

What does the Revolution Racing team do for fun?

Ride more bikes together! 

In the fall we have an unofficial end-of-season weekend in Tahoe (what happens in Tahoe, stays in Tahoe!) 

Revolution Racing team at Lake Tahoe

Throughout the year, we get together for training rides, dinners and team parties. We also lead community rides to help get more women into cycling, and volunteer with an organization called WheelKids to help teach kids bike fundamentals. 



What are a few top achievements for the team? 

Oh boy! We’ve got district, national, and world champions on our team, including Elite Women’s Individual Pursuit champion (and national and world record holder) Molly Van Houweling and Northern California-Nevada Cycling Association Elite Women’s Criterium champion, Kristen Faulkner. We’ve also “graduated” members into the pro ranks, including Katie Hall and Leah Thomas. Check out the team roster.

We also celebrate things like winning the NCNCA Best All-Around Team competition, which we’ve accomplished on numerous occasions over the years. 

Revolution Racing team rider competing


Why does the Revolution Racing team choose Zealios products?

We love the fresh scent of all of the Zealios products. 

We also love the way the Sun Barrier feels on our skin, how it just melts away and you forget it’s even there (…unless you missed a spot, and then you realize how amazingly well it works!), and that it doesn’t stain our clothes.

Revolution Racing team stashing Zealios Sun Barrier sunscreen in jersey


We also love the giant 32 oz bottle size

And we’d be very uncomfortable during long rides and races without Betwixt chamois cream. We <3 Zealios!

Is the team accepting members? 

Yes! You can visit our website,, for more information.  



If you’d like to learn more about the Revolution Racing team, reach out to:

Team Board of Directors (c/o Christina Bonnington)

Email: (


Facebook page:

Instagram: @revolutionracingteam