Team Spotlight - Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club

Meet Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, a 400+ member team training in Denver, Colorado. RMTC shares their wildest social event that just might leave you wanting to eat a donut and drink a beer. Get to know the team!   


Team Name:  

Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club (RMTC)

Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club Logo

Number of people on the team: 




Denver, Colorado


When did the team form? And how?

Back in 2001, a group of Denver triathletes wanted to continue training together after completing a triathlon with Team in Training. Under the guidance and coaching of Charley Perez, RMTC was formed. We have been growing ever since. 


What makes your team successful? 

So many things contribute to the success of RMTC. The biggest contributor to our club is how much our members care about each other. Multiple friendships have been formed through the club and a few marriages too! Plus, dedication of our 100% volunteer coaching staff and volunteer board keeps the club running. 

 Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club group


Advantages of being on the team? 

So many and racing with friends, cool gear and giveaways, great coaching, discounts from national companies like Zealios and local business too. 

Informative meetings with free beer and food - honestly too many benefits to list here.


Do you host camps? 

For many years we have traveled to Moab, Utah for a spring camp. For 2020 we just announced a big change and we are moving camp to Taos, New Mexico in May. The officer board is really excited about our new camp location.  

Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club in Moab, Utah 


What does your team do for fun? 

Besides multiple socials during the year including our holiday season bash we have some themed workouts such as 4th of July 400’s and the 12 days of Christmas swim. Plus, our holiday lights run which generally involves costumes, singing, squats, planks, and jumping jacks while running through a Denver neighborhood looking for holiday light displays. 

 Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club Holiday Lights Run


What are a few of the team’s top achievements? 

Attend any local and many national races and you will find a RMTC member on the podium. And we are awesome volunteers at our local Ironman races! 

 Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club member running


What do your team members like about Zealios? 

Sunburn, chafing, and chlorine hair are some of the biggest nuisances of triathlon and Zealios cures them all. The fact that you can put a base layer of the Sun Barrier sunscreen on the night before a long workout and it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy is amazing. 

 Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club member competing


Is the team still accepting members? 

We always accept new members and have no requirements to join or participate. We have athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Just sign the waiver on the website, pay your $75 annual dues and join a workout. 


BONUS QUESTION! What is the craziest thing your team does during the year? 

We host an “unofficial” beer and donut mile. The donut mile consists of eating a donut per lap and consuming a pint of milk. The beer mile...well, we all know what that is. The super crazy club members do both back to back - donut AND beer!

Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club's Donut and Beer Mile 


If you’d like to learn more about the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, reach out to: