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Meet Stellar Endurance, the 235 member team spanning multiple states and connecting beginner to seasoned athletes. And they have 10 members going to IMWC70.3 this year!   



Team Name:

Stellar Endurance

Number of people on the team:



Jacksonville, (HQ), Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, FL,

Summerville, SC, Philadelphia, PA & Phoenix, AZ

When did the team form? And how? 

The Stellar Endurance team was formed in 2011 by Daniel Kowal to bring together like-minded individuals who share the same passions. The team mission then and remains today, to grow participation in endurance sports, provide inspiration, build camaraderie, and push athletic limits in a supportive, non-intimidating environment.

What makes the Stellar team successful? 

We built our mission around treating the team as a family.

We have people from across the country supporting one another, racing together and interacting outside of SBR. We have beginners to elite level athletes and all support and cheer one another.  

Skye Johnson, our team coach and President works tirelessly to create new initiatives and opportunities. She spends countless hours looking out for the future of the team.

Stellar Endurance multisport team

Advantages of being on the Stellar Endurance team? 

If you have ever completed an endurance event there is a huge sense of accomplishment, time put in, and in most cases things you gave up outside of that goal to reach the finish line. Now imagine crossing that finish line having your teammates who put the hours in training with you, cheering for you, and celebrating your accomplishment.

Our president, takes care of everything race day related for you, so you can come to the race and all you need to worry about is YOUR race. This also includes creating unique apparel...oh, and we always have food and beer post-race too!

Stellar Endurance team flexing beachside

Do you host camps? 

Typically, we do 2-3 camps a year. The camps are created solely for the team with food, lodging, routes and recovery all built in. 

What does your team do for fun? 

Our team loves to hang out post race, but also enjoys getting together away from SBR to hang out (not in spandex). On Sundays, we host a Buoys and Brews for the Jacksonville community and enjoy beers after swimming.  

What are a few of the team’s top achievements?  

We have 10 people going to IMWC70.3 in Nice, France this year! 

Some of our achievements as a whole are:

  • Starting a beginner triathlon (pool swim) for people who want to try the sport
  • Creating the “Tri For Change” indoor triathlon event for people not ready for an outdoor race
  • Providing women-only training opportunities
  • A youth triathlon...and some of the participating athletes have made it to the podium at Age Group champions!
  • An endurance series podcast, “Dan Gets Rich”
  • And expanding our reach throughout the country while partnering with companies that share the same vision as we do.  
Stellar Endurance team youth members

What do the Stellar members like about Zealios? 

The team loves the Sun Barrier sunscreen and how when you sweat it doesn’t drip into your eyes (as many of us live in Florida that’s a big deal). Also the shampoo and conditioner remove the smell of chlorine while softening your hair.

Is the team still accepting members? 

Yes, we accept applications and new members throughout the year.  If a member registers now, they get all the benefits, minus the kit- unless we have one in stock.

Membership for 2020 opens in November, which will be our 10 year anniversary so we are very much looking forward to a STELLAR year!

Bonus Question: What is the craziest thing your team does during the year? 

A few of us have done the Beer Mile and the chilly New Year’s Day Polar Plunge which is sometimes held at midnight! Or dressing up as Dalmatians for a road race! 


Stellar Endurance Team in costume

If you’d like to learn more about the Stellar Endurance team, reach out to:

Name: Daniel Kowal or Skye Johnson

Email Address: or


Facebook: @StellarEndurance @DanGetsRich, @Buoys&Brews