The Easiest Goal to Make in 2022

It's the time of making New Year's Resolutions...or breaking them. No judgment here! We're not ones to 'should' you about the goals or resolutions you have to set for 2022, but if you are in the boat of wanting something to achieve, we have the easiest resolution to set.

Apply Sunscreen. Everyday.

That's it! That's the goal!

We don't say this in jest. Ask just about anyone and their sunscreen habit is as lacking as their water-drinking habit. Applying SPF on a daily basis is something *everyone* should be doing, regardless of age, location, or weather season. Applying Sun Barrier can and should be an essential part of your daily routine.

Why? On the surface level, literally, it will save your skin! SPF is the #1 way to help  skin age well. Sun damage on the face can result in wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin and uneven skin tone. 

Sun Barrier SPF 45 zinc sunscreen for athletes

On a deeper level, applying sunscreen everyday helps reduce your risk of skin cancer. UV rays are always present even in the winter or on cloudy days. If you're leaving your house without Sun Barrier, you're leaving your skin unprotected. Adding in sunscreen to your morning routine can be a literal life-saving measure.

There are a few certain populations that should be more prudent about applying SPF. We're looking at you redheads, mountain dwellers, and the pale skin club! UV rays are stronger at higher elevations. And the gingers, well, we don't have to explain that one!

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. And we're all for setting a goal that protects it. Should it loud and shout it proud: SPF Everyday! If you're total sunscreen nerds like all of us at Team Zealios, we even made a badge to share with your social media fans. Maybe it will encourage them to get their skin checked and hop on the SPF wagon!

#TeamZealios SPF All Day. Every Day.