The making of Squeezy, the Zealios sidekick mascot

Kevin: Team, it’s time to brainstorm the concept for the annual Ginger Awareness Month campaign. I was thinking I would star in the film…

Team: Well, Ginger Awareness Month is basically your Christmas and you’re the only ginger in the group, so…

Kevin: What about a costume?

Team: Costumes are funny.

And folks, that’s how Squeezy came to be.

Kevin: How do we make a giant sunscreen tube costume?

Team: We got this. Maybe…

After extensive and exhausting visits to craft and hardware stores, we had to call a professional. Just down the street from our office is a building where crazy ideas come to life using magic and giant printers. This magical place is Cascade Graphics in Bend, Oregon. Best of all, the owner Billy was stoked for a big challenge.

Billy and team (basically magical wizards really) figured out the right material (heavy duty vinyl) to mold into the shape we needed. We then had an official fitting…

Zealios - Squeezy's official fittingZealios - Squeezy gets fitted

Than back to Cascade Graphics who took it from there stitching, adhering velcro and printing directly on the vinyl.

Squeezy was born!

Zealios - Squeezy was born!

Last step was to figure out how to keep the top portion standing up right without much weight. So, back to the craft store to snag some foam padding. Yep, that did the trick!

Zealios - Squeezy catches bike ride

Spoiler alert! Squeezy was our very own co-founder Austin!!

After sending him to mascot bootcamp to learn the tricks of the trade, he earned his spot as the star, Squeezy.

We think he did a pretty great job.  

Kevin, the Free Range Ginger you did awesome too! The beard was on point this year.

BIG kudos to Weston Walker who directed and edited the Squeezy videos. The videos turned out hilariously amazing. You can find his work at Fractal Film Co.  


Enjoy Squeezy’s adventures with the ginger - Watch the videos

Now we’re all asking, where will Squeezy go next?