This month's featured Team Spotlight is... BNG ENDURANCE!

Zealios Team Spotlight!


This month Zealios Team Spotlight is featuring team BNG Endurance out of New Orleans. Learn how this 135 person multi-sport team keeps growing and building a strong community of athletes and competitors!


Team Name:

BNG Endurance

Number of people on the team:



New Orleans

When did the team form?

We were founded April 2014.

Was the team one person’s idea or did a group come together?

BNG Endurance was originally a vision of founder & director Gregory Toscano and supported by a collective group that wanted to see it through.

BNG Endurance is a team of athletes at all levels with open lines of communication that serves as a support system to become a better athlete. The support system is what will get you to your next level. Whatever your next level is. Whatever you want that level to be. It’s predicated upon your goals and desires.

Partners Zealios and multisport team BNG Endurance

Gregory & Stacey hanging at a triathlon


What makes your team successful?

  1. The idea and statement that BNG is a “team” and not a club
  2. All the different backgrounds seeking the same goal
  3. We participate in all endurance sports
  4. Open lines of communication
  5. Shared knowledge at all levels
  6. The passion of all its athletes
  7. Celebrating all accomplishments, goals, and distances
  8. Keeping the family and pride environment

A BNG Endurance group run

BNG Endurance group run


Advantages of being on the BNG Endurance team? a BNG Endurance athlete you have multiple partners and sponsors that give access to top of the line equipment, products, and gear.

You also have access to every athlete on the team at all skill levels. That access is on a social media group page for BNG Endurance athletes only.

Do you host training camps?

We have established a Performance Enhancement Team that leads various clinics throughout the year. From swim instruction to bike maintenance or proper run form to injury prevention. Also, ‘what the numbers mean’ to best exercises for endurance athletes, and so much more. The shared knowledge never ends.

BNG Endurance team bringing it at IRONMAN Texas 2018

BNG Endurance team bringing it at IRONMAN Texas 2018


What are a few of the team’s top achievements?

A lot to list!

Most important accomplishments:

  • Supporting and getting athletes to believe they can accomplish anything. From completing in their first 5k to qualifying for Boston. We are all levels and celebrate every goal and accomplishment while encouraging athletes to train smart and injury free.
  • Partnering with Zealios!
  • Continued growth and success
  • Countless team wins and podiums finishes
  • 5 Boston marathon qualifiers
  • 43 Ironman athletes on current roster
  • 23 of 43 completed their first Ironman
  • 100% of members participate in training and racing
  • 2016 PEM Cup Team Challenge Champions
  • Ironman 70.3 New Orleans Division Winner
  • Represent and race internationally


What do the BNG Endurance team members like about Zealios?

Consistency. The entire line of products simply work. From the sunscreen to the now available body lotion. It lasts. It comes in multiple sizes and it really does smell great. BNG athletes don’t need to worry during long course races because the sunscreen lasts and if by chance you need more it comes in an easy open, sturdy, small package to carry in your gear bag.

BNG Endurance is a sponsored Zealios team

Zealios and BNG Endurance, partners since 2018


Is the team still accepting members?

BNG Endurance is not currently accepting members. We will answer any questions at all times throughout the year on any social media platform and email. Our new athlete application window opens in October for 2020.



What is the craziest thing your team does during the year?

The BNG Endurance Annual Awards Banquet...what happens at the awards banquet stays among the pride. It’s a BNG thing!

Check out more of Team BNG Endurance at:

Gregory Toscano, Director & Founder



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