This month's Zealios Team Spotlight is... Raise The Bar!

Zealios Team Spotlight


This month on Zealios Spotlight, we feature Raise The Bar team from Covington, Washington. Learn how they manage a 220 person team, run event production, and provide training programs.


Team Name:  

Raise the Bar (RTB)

Number of people on the team:



Covington, WA

When did the team form?

In 2003. Patty Swedberg founded RTB and keeps it rolling today with Brad Williams and a staff of coaches and event directors that ooze excellence.

Was it just one person’s idea or did a group come together?

A bunch of gals new to triathlon were looking to do the massive Seattle Danskin Tri (5000+ participants!) The combination of that small but mighty group of 15-20 women and an explosion in the sport of triathlon led to the current version of RTB - a team of 220 men and women, event production, training programs, and super awesome energy!

What makes your team successful?

Oh it’s the PEOPLE for sure.

Triathlon teams, in general, are full of folks that are energetic, driven, curious, fun - that’s the making of an awesome community and our teammates are all that and more. There’s also a foundation of equality at RTB - every member whether they’re at the front or the back of a race or in the middle receives the same benefits, wears the same uniform, get equal recognition.  We’re all way more the same than we are different - and that’s pretty palpable here.

Zealios Team Raise The Bar Covington, Washington

Advantages of being on the Raise The Bar team?

No more finish line loneliness! There’s always somebody to share victories with and there are members who will tell you their closest friends came from RTB. And there’s the tangible stuff that keeps our athletes supported, well equipped, and out of tri-poverty: Sponsor benefits (like Zealios!), retail discounts, race discounts, and discounts on services like massage, injury assessment.

On RTB we have a buddy program too. If you are new we’ll match you up with one of the ‘old’ guys/gals who help get you settled in.

Zealios Raise The Bar Team Photo

What does the RTB team do for fun?

Seems like these days a lot of our members are adding to the Swim/Bike/Run (S/B/R) road triathlons with their friends. We have groups doing all kinds of crazy stuff for fun. Gravel rides, trail runs, dog agility, crossfit, endurance swims, biathlon, skiing, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking….   

We more closely identify with the term ‘Multi-sport Team‘ these days and it’s been a FUN transition!

What are a few of RTB’s top achievements?

We usually bring some team hardware home from the Ironman races close to us, but the greatest achievements are when the members step up to help a teammate or a family member who needs it.

There have been some epically generous and lightning-fast fundraising moments to get a family help during a rough patch. Those achievements are the sweetest and most powerful. We have a couple or two that met and got married as a direct result of RTB too!

What are RTB’s favorite events?

Ours! We produce 3 triathlons and 2 Open Water Swim Races in the Seattle area that are widely considered local favorites. They are jam packed with awesome volunteers thanks largely to the team!

Raise The Bar Team Race


What do the RTB team members like about Zealios?

We LIKE smearing Zealios stuff on wherever it’s called for!

It feels great going on and better yet, they work! Our team’s happiest Zealios user, Kathleen Colvard, is your biggest fan!!

Raise the Bar Team member Kathleen Colvard


Is the team still accepting members?

We are ALWAYS accepting members. 12-month memberships start the day you sign up. Any adult is welcome to be part of the family.


What is one of the most exciting things the RTB team does during the year?

We throw an annual Triathlon Season Kickoff for the Tri community around here (coming up March 22). We gather up a couple hundred athletes, vendors, prizes, giveaways. Maybe not crazy, but super fun!

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