Why We Made Reef Safe Sunscreen

The newest product to our SPF line up is here: Reef Safe Sun Barrier! This has been years in the making and we are so proud of the final product. The challenge presented to us was to keep the great properties of Sun Barrier while removing the ingredients that have been banned and are shown to harm reefs. 

Zealios SPF 50 Reef Safe Sun Barrier Sunscreen

The resulting Reef Safe Sun Barrier is a superior product for athletes and adventurers alike. We can promise peace of mind as you take Zealios Reef Safe sunscreen on open water swims, tropical vacations, or your daily surf break. 

Reef Safe Sun Barrier maintains the light, non-greasy formulation. Even though it's zinc based, it dries on clear and doesn't leave any white chalky residue. It also upholds the FDA's highest water rating of 80 minutes. 

What makes it different than regular Sun Barrier? It is SPF 50, compared to SPF 45. Includes 16.5% zinc oxide instead of 8%, and is formulated without oxybenzone, octinoxate, avobenzone, and octocrylene, which deems it reef safe.

As athletes, we enjoy the natural training grounds that Mother Nature provides, and this is our next step in helping to preserve the oceans that we train, play, and swim in. Take Sun Barrier Reef Safe anywhere you go with the 3 oz. tube or travel-friendly packets.