Why Your Lips Need SPF

We could preach about SPF from head to toe all day, every day. (And we probably have..) But hear us out one more time. Head to toe includes your lips, and it's something we often forget about when talking about sun safety and SPF protection. 

This is one of the biggest reasons we were eager to add an SPF lip balm into our performance product line up. While we all have a lip balm product that we love, more often than not they don't provide SPF protection, can't hold up to the tough elements of a workout, and are in a form that melts in the heat. Enter LipGuard: the lip balm made for endurance athletes. The most important aspect: SPF 28 Broad Spectrum UVA & UVB protection. Because we don't mess around when it comes to protecting any part of our bodies from the sun!

LipGuard SPF lip balm

The nitty gritty of protecting your lips: the skin around your lips is very thin, making them susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer. Our lips lack melanin as well, adding to harm of the sun's rays. It's also an area we neglect to protect. Over time, this all adds up! The lips and eyes are the first areas of the body dermatologists check for skin cancer. Additionally, overtime, sun damage will wear down the collagen in lips; making them thinner. We need healthy lips for those finish line smiles!

Lips need SPF

As endurance athletes, we spend ample time in the sun, wind, rain, and other elements that Mother Nature throws our way. We can tough it out, but our skin might need a little help. LipGuard is the next staple to make sure you apply before you head outside. Slather on the Sun Barrier (don't forget your face!) and then glide on some LipGuard and you're set for the day.