Announcing Zealios Swim & Sport Body Wash!


September 1, 2015 (Berkeley, CA) – Zealios, a leader in performance personal care products for athletes, announces the addition of Swim & Sport Body Wash to their product line up.

The Body Wash is designed with athletes, and particularly swimmers, in mind. Much like the Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo and Conditioner, the Body Wash utilizes specific ingredients to strip chlorine from the skin. The formula is sulfate-free and contains a proprietary blend of herbal extracts—arnica, white tea, lavender, and calendula—to restore dry and damaged skin. Aloe juice and jojoba oil soothe and moisturize to leave skin feeling hydrated. The Body Wash features Zealios’ signature citrus fragrance for a fresh aroma in the shower.

“It’s amazing how many athletes have asked for this product, desperate to get rid of chlorine,” says Zealios Co-Founder Austin Britts. “We rely on athletes to tell us what they need, and then we engineer and test our products to fit those needs.”

Swimmers in chlorine-based pools or bodies of salt water have a particular challenge in cleaning those chemicals and heavy minerals from their bodies post-workout. Over time, this can lead to brittle, unhealthy hair and excessively dry scalp and skin.

“With this Body Wash, we hope to provide a full solution for the damaging effects of chlorine that many swimmers, triathletes, and other athletes endure," adds Britts. "We understand that cleansing and recovery is just as important as performance, and our goal is to address an athlete’s needs from training day to race day.”

Zealios Swim & Sport Body Wash is available now exclusively on the Zealios website, and will be available soon in retail and on the Amazon platform.


About Zealios

Zealios was founded in 2009 when a group of health-conscious endurance athletes realized that we simply could not find high quality skincare products that performed on race day. As outdoor-loving souls, we also understood the importance of protecting ourselves against the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight, high altitudes, and salty swims.

We set out to create performance-based personal care products formulated specifically with athletes in mind. After years of testing and development with endurance junkies across the world, we have now successfully created a line of products to serve an athletes’ every need--from training day, to race day, to recovery & prevention. We design our product formulas to enrich performance, cleansing, and restorative needs of athletes everywhere, because performance matters.