Zealios Moving Headquarters to Bend, Oregon in 2016!

January 4, 2016 (Bend, OR) – Zealios, a leader in performance personal care products for athletes, announces that they will be moving their company headquarters to Bend, Oregon within the first half of 2016.

Zealios was founded in 2009 in Berkeley, California and has considered the East Bay its "home" for many years. Many of the small, independent bike shops around the Bay Area were the first to take a leap of faith on this small company when only the Betwixt Chamois Cream and Sun Barrier were on the market. Since then, the following has steadily grown, and the reception around the greater Bay Area has been exceptional. 

The move to Bend was prompted by a number of factors, both personal and professional.

"We ultimately decided that Bend embodies the lifestyle of our company, and the customers that we serve" reflects zealios Co-Founder Austin Britts. "We also feel that on a personal level, it's the kind of place we want to live, play outside, adventure, and build community."

Britts and Co-Founder Kevin Fuller are confident that this move will also provide the perfect environment for zealios to grow and flourish.

"We visited Bend in August of last year and met with some amazing leaders in the local community. We left that trip convinced that for where we are as a company right now, there is no better place than Bend to find the resources, support, and opportunities we need to be successful" remarks Fuller. 

Bend is a town of 85,000 people located in central Oregon, just a few hours north of the California border. It has a reputation as a hot bed for endurance athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and craft breweries.

"There will be no disruption in service or order fulfillment as we relocate," assures Britts. "We are operating in a business-as-usual environment, with two of our team members already up here in Bend to facilitate the transition by mid-year. We look forward to an incredibly exciting time of new opportunities and growth."

For additional inquiries or information, you may email zealios at info@teamzealios.com.  

About Zealios

Zealios was founded in 2009 when a group of health-conscious endurance athletes realized that we simply could not find high quality skincare products that performed on race day. As outdoor-loving souls, we also understood the importance of protecting ourselves against the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight, high altitudes, and salty swims.

We set out to create performance-based personal care products formulated specifically with athletes in mind. After years of testing and development with endurance junkies across the world, we have now successfully created a line of products to serve an athletes’ every need--from training day, to race day, to recovery & prevention. We design our product formulas to enrich performance, cleansing, and restorative needs of athletes everywhere, because performance matters.