Zealios Partners with Giant Bicycles for National Retail Expansion

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January 22, 2016 (Bend, OR) – Zealios, a leader in performance body care products for athletes, announces a new partnership with Giant Bicycle, the world's largest bicycle manufacturer, in a move for national retail expansion of the full Zealios product line.

The partnership seed was planted at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA, which is one of the largest and longest-running events in the cycling industry. In its Sea Otter debut, Zealios was stationed with a booth that included a pump tub of free Sun Barrier, which attracted repeat visitors throughout the weekend. One of those visitors was Galen Burk, Gear Product Manager for Giant Bicycle, Inc.

"The moment I used their product and saw what comprised their product line, I knew they were onto something" remarks Burk. "It was a natural fit for our network of retail partners who cater to cyclists and triathletes across the country."  

Giant maintains over 1,000 retail relationships in the US, including nearly 200 partner stores who work closely with Giant as their primary supplier. Burk recognizes that many of these retail partners serve a broad audience of athletes, including many triathletes and endurance athletes.

"The Zealios product line is unique and necessary for athletes training for endurance pursuits. These athletes needs products that perform, and we are recognize that they should be available to customers at these stores who are also buying equipment, gear, and other products to support their training" says Burk.

Zealios Co-Founder, Kevin Fuller, sees the partnership as part of a larger effort to make Zealios products available at each athlete's local sports shop across the country. "We want to ensure that our products are easily accessible and convenient for athletes in the places where they trust the shop managers and know that they are being presented with quality products."

Moving forward the Zealios product line will be available to the Giant network of retail partners. 

"We are excited to be partnering with such a great company in Giant, and we look forward to hearing from athletes who are now able to purchase these products locally" says Fuller.

For additional inquiries or information, you may email zealios at info@teamzealios.com.  

About Zealios

Zealios was founded in 2009 when a group of health-conscious endurance athletes realized that we simply could not find high quality skincare products that performed on race day. As outdoor-loving souls, we also understood the importance of protecting ourselves against the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight, high altitudes, and salty swims.

We set out to create performance-based body care products formulated specifically with athletes in mind. After years of testing and development with endurance junkies across the world, we have now successfully created a line of products to serve an athletes’ every need--from training day, to race day, to recovery & prevention. We design our product formulas to enrich performance, cleansing, and restorative needs of athletes everywhere, because performance matters.

About Giant

Giant started in 1972 with one goal: Create a better cycling experience for people around the world.

The founders of Giant were craftsmen and engineers. They understood their strengths. So to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible to people around the world, they did what they knew best. They set out to improve the cycling experience by following three guiding principles: craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration.

It began with lightweight aluminum frames. Giant’s ability to produce high-quality bikes at an affordable price allowed more riders to experience cycling in a whole new way. Since then, Giant has pioneered advancements in both aluminum and composite engineering. We introduced the first affordable carbon fiber bike, the Cadex 980 C, and transformed high-performance road bikes with our Total Compact Road design. In mountain biking, Giant’s Maestro Suspension established a new level of performance for off-road riding and racing.

Over the last four decades, Giant has grown well beyond its manufacturing roots to become the world’s leading brand of quality bicycles and gear. With more than 12,000 retail partners worldwide, we aim to inspire adventure in all riders, from casual to competitive.

Giant bikes win world championships. They win design awards, too. But most importantly, they win the hearts of riders who choose to make cycling a part of their lives. We support that choice. We think it makes the world a better place.

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