A funny (well, we think so...) impromptu video series featuring the riveting Zealios 'This or That' segment with your favorite athletes Sarah True, Jesse Thomas, Joe Gambles & more!   

Check back! New wacky videos are always in the works.

'Tube Talk' with Olympian Sarah True

Sarah shares her dreaded race fear ...exploding hair and 
plays along with the Zealios 'This or That' ridiculous game.

'Tube Talk' with IRONMAN Jesse Thomas

Jesse teaches us about his Instagram sensation, the Flat Bruce and 
participates in another riveting segment of Zealios 'This or That'.

'Tube Talk' with IRONMAN Joe Gambles

Joe shares he wants to listen to Metallica before every 2018 race, prefers flip cup over beer pong and has no idea who Lil' Weezy is. Check it out!  

'Tube Talk' with Pro Triathlete Jesse Vondracek

We caught up with Jesse Vondracek to chat about his 2018 plans and taught him what a "RomCom" movie is. It's these special moments that make it all worth it. 


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