Top 7 Places on your body you're probably forgetting to put sunscreen

The sun is out and those UV rays are kickin'. We often do a slipshod job of putting on our sunscreen when more exciting things are happening, like bike rides or races, beach chairs or barbecues. No matter how much fun we're having, we have to remember to lather up! Here are a few quick pointers for some common spots we forget to put sunscreen. Next time you head outside, make sure to check each of these off your list!

#1: Back of the hand

Glove sunburn

Some of us don't like the way sunscreen feels (grease bombs especially), so we neglect to rub it all over our precious hands. Get a non-greasy sunscreen (like...Zealios Sun Barrier?) and you won't be left with sticky mitts as you head out door.





#2: Scalp

All of us have been there--whether you've got lots of hair, or not much 'growing on' up there, our domes often suffer an oversight. Use a fingertip's worth or a full handful--depending on your need--and make sure you cover any parts, bald patches, or other exposed skin.

#3: Tops of the feet

That's right--don't forget those tootsies! You'll regret the burn in the moment, and you won't be able to wear socks, shoes, or anything else on those feet until you've recovered. Do a quick swipe over the tops of your feet and your toes!

#4: Ears

Don't even try to google image search this's just gnarly. Take it from us--you need sunscreen on the tops of those ears.

#5: Lips

Same goes for this one--we repeat, do not google image search! Find yourself a nice SPF lip balm to get the job done. And we know your next question: don't worry, we're working on it!

#6: Back of the knees

Lovingly referred to as "The Rookie Sunburn." You won't be able to walk or sit comfortably for days, and forget wearing pants! #awkward

#7: On your eyelids

Like this, but more, and on your eyelids!


The devil's in the details when it comes to sunburns--we hope our list helps to keep you fully protected this summer!