Zealios Sun Barrier SPF 45 sunbathing on a beach blanket

Is it Spring yet?? And... are you ready to take the 'Fun in the Sun' Pop Quiz?

We’re just about ready to hang up the mittens and scarves to unpack the shorts and short sleeves! As we all shed our layers, sure we all know the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun while having fun in the outdoors, but could you pass a pop quiz on just how UV rays actually affect us?
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Top 7 Places on your body you're probably forgetting to put sunscreen

The sun is out and those UV rays are kickin'. We often do a slipshod job of putting on our sunscreen when more exciting things are happening, like bike rides or races, beach chairs or barbecues. No matter how much furn we're having, we have to remember to lather up! Here are a few quick pointers for some common spots we forget to put sunscreen. Next time you head outside, make sure to check each of these off your list!
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