4 Safety Tips For Training Outside in the Darker Fall & Winter Months

Fall and winter months leave us without much daylight to train outdoors, but there’s only so much treadmill running we can handle... (are we right, or are we right?!). 

We’re all determined not to miss out on our early morning or late night runs and we’ve got 4 tips to keep you safe and prepared while training in the darker hours.  



Tip #1 Wear reflective and bright gear

We all know this one, but often fail to take it seriously. Sure we take our headlamps out the door with us because we need them to see where we’re going, but most headlamps don’t provide 360 degrees of light for others to see you. 

Throw on a good ol’ fashioned reflective vest or check out some of the awesome reflective pieces Oiselle recently launched. For the men, Brooks has a collection of 360 reflective gear worth checking out too.  

Run Arete running team stays safe with reflective gear when running in the dark

Run Arete running team stays safe with reflective gear when running in the dark.


PRO TIP: Don’t forget to light up your pup! Ruff Wear has a lightweight, reflective harness to keep your pooch visible on those dark runs. Bonus!...it’s waterproof.  

Tip #2  Ditch the headphones

This might be the toughest tip to follow, but we all know there are plenty of distracted vehicles and people we’re sharing the roads and sidewalks with. If you’re running in busy and congested areas consider leaving the earbuds at home. 

Okay, so you just can’t get through a dark run without some motivating tunes, check out Aftershockz headphones. They’ve developed special technology that delivers sound without plugging or covering your ears so you can stay alert while rocking out. 


Tip #3  Run against traffic 

It can feel strange or off to run against traffic while out on your early morning or late run, but it’s easier to avoid traffic when you can actually see it!

Also, run in similar places when you’re headed out in the dark. You’ll know where the low hanging branches are or the lit crosswalks to keep you returning home safely. 

Tip #4  Bring your cell phone. 

While your run is sometimes the only time you can escape your cell phone calls and emails, bring it just in case something happens. Also, consider downloading a tracking app that will allow your emergency contacts to view your location and rest assured if you need help, they’ll know where to find you.

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