An Unsponsored Look at What's In Our Bags

The big secret to Team Zealios is that we're all athletic and active, but in very different ways. This was recently proven at our frisbee golfing team outing! If you combined the abilities of all five of us, then you would get a near perfect athlete, in our humble opinion. We also know you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry in their bag. Gear junkies, take note. It's time for a rousing edition of 'What's In the Bag of the Average Age Group Athlete That They Don't Get Sponsored for Using!'

Brandy: Trail Running Master

Brandy shares what's in her trail running vest

  • Salomon running vest - snug fit with all the pockets for all the things (and snacks)
  • Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear - the perfect neck gaiter, sweat collector, cooling wrap and now a mask! 
  • Katadyn BeFree Handheld Water Filter - always a good idea to be prepared for anything including running out of water.
  • Patagonia Houdini Jacket - this jacket packs up so small and folds into itself, no case to worry about or lose! 
  • Salt Stick Chews Lemon Lime Flavor - these are a lifesaver on longer runs to keep your electrolytes balanced and feelin' energized.
  • Spring Nutrition Hill Aid Mango Flavor (all the flavors are amazing!) - if you haven't checked this company out you should! No sugar added, real food and real yummy gels. These are one of the only gels that don't give me GI issues on really long runs. Chances are your local running store carries them. For Bend locals, head to FootZone.
  • A Ziplock Baggie - wrappers can easily fall out of your pack - toss them in a ziplock to make sure you leave no trace and keep the trails lookin' fabulous.
  • Zealios Sun Barrier + Betwixt packets - of course I won't set out on my long weekend run without a stash of sunscreen and anti-chafe in my vest. 

Austin: Fly Fishing Aficionado

Austin shares his fly fishing secrets and supplies

  • Sun Barrier- Great for fishing because it doesn't leave my hands greasy, stays on through the water, and works!
  • Parachute Adams Fly - my good friend Conor from the Conservation Alliance calls it the Swiss Army Knife of the Deschutes.
  • Fly-Agra - the best fly floatant on the market!
  • My lucky Firestone Lager hat (Wildflower memorabilia!)
  • Patagonia Tropic Comfort Hoody - keeps the sun and bugs off but still breathes really well. It also dries fast after I inevitably fall in.
  • Whatever other flies the good folks of Fly and Field Outfitters recommend! 

Stacey: Super Swimmer

Stacey gives us a peek at all the things in her swim bag

(How we all learned that swimmers carry A LOT of stuff)

Rachel: Track Running Maestro

Rachel shows us her gear to get the best track workout

Kevin: Mountain Biking King