At-Home workouts to stay active & smiling from pro triathlete Lauren Brandon

Many of our lives and routines have been shaken up a bit and are in need of some motivation. Professional triathlete Lauren Brandon shares a fun way to do an at-home workout with no gym equipment needed, only some typical household items, and music to pump up the jam! 

Need to kickstart your day?

How about a mid-day break to stay energized?

Or a stress-releasing family activity?

Add these 2 quick (15-20 minute) at-home workouts to your daily routine.  


WORKOUT 1 (15 minutes)


1. A heavy household item like flour, sugar bags or water jugs


Warmup: 5 minutes of stairs. No stairs? Jog through or around the house!

10 pushups 

20 squats with a heavier item (flour or sugar bag)

5 minutes stairs or jogging around the house

10 lunges on each side with a heavier item (flour or sugar bag)

20 squat jumps 

WORKOUT 2 (20 minutes)


1. Light household items like coffee bags or water bottles. Note: you should be able to securely hold onto these items with your hands.  

2. A 5 song playlist cued up (need a playlist? Linsey Corbin has an awesome Spotify playlist


Song 1: Dance party! (see above)

Song 2: Alternate between 10 bicep curls and 10 squats with lighter household items (coffee bags or water bottles)

Song 3: Dance party!

Song 4: Alternate between 10 over head presses and 10 lunges with lighter household items (coffee bags or water bottles)

Song 5: Dance party!


Stay active and healthy everyone!


 Lauren Brandon pro triathlete

Photo cred @Nils Nilsen @ventumracing

Lauren Brandon is a former NCAA All-American swimmer from the University of Nebraska who found her passion for triathlon in 2010 and turned pro. Lauren began her triathlon journey racing Olympic distance, but changed to longer races in 2015. She made the move to full Ironman races in 2016 and ended her season with a 2nd place at Ironman Cozumel.

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