Jessica Kieras ultra swimmer completes a 26 mile swim

Jessica Kieras, ultra swimmer completes a 26 mile swim in Lake Billy Chinook July 2020

A few months ago we introduced you to Jessica Kieras, an ultra swimmer and psychologist. If you missed it, it’s worth a read. Jessica shared some great advice for those of us losing motivation with race cancellations and feeling lost during these unprecedented times. Today we get to share her amazing (ok, that's probably an understatement) accomplishment completing a 26 mile swim in 13 hours and 14 minute in Central Oregon’s Lake Billy Chinook.

Jessica Kieras' 26 mile swim route in Lake Billy Chinook July 2020

Jessica's swim route via her GPS tracker. She swam in 3 different arms of Lake Billy Chinook. 

Completed on July 9th, this was Jessica’s longest neutral current and longest duration swim to date. Jessica shares a full recap of her 26 mile swim on her blog here:

Jessica Kieras ultra swimmer during her 26. mile swim with her partner Dan in a support kayak


Congratulations Jessica! We hope you’re enjoying some much deserved recovery time. 


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