The 4 things you should do before you say goodbye to Summer!

Swimsuits are close to being packed away and Starbucks is already serving everything pumpkin…but before it’s officially Fall make sure you’ve checked these 4 warmer weather activities off one last time! 


#1. Get one more open water swim in! Pretty soon it’ll be too chilly to take a dip in the river, lake, or ocean.


Group open water swim Photo cred @Jhornebx       Time for an open water swim Photo cred @tri_dicole



#2. Ride up the mountain. Cooler temps bring breezy and snowy conditions to many of the higher elevations. Get a good bike ride in and say goodbye to your favorite peaks until next year.


Enjoying a mountain ride above it all Photo cred @marj.rinaldo       Biking to the top of the mountains Photo cred @arcticfaulks



#3. Take the tank & shorts for another go. Soon we’ll be bundled and gloved. Enjoy a few short-sleeve and fleeceless runs while you can.


Warm summer run in tank & shorts Photo cred @rdonato       Sweaty summer group run Photo cred @ironworx_multiport




#4. Pack your snacks for an al fresco post-workout refuel. Soak up the warm weather rays (while wearing sunscreen, of course).  


Jesse Thomas enjoying a tasty Picky Bar      Mid bike ride beverage break Photo cred @rainbolty


Happy last days of summer!