The 5 Pros to Training Solo (for now)

The 5 Pros to Training Solo (for now)

Most of us are still training hard and getting in solo bike rides and lonely runs around the neighborhood to keep our fitness and sanity (Please give yourself a big pat on the back!). 

While we can’t wait to get our group activities and motivational training partners back, there are a few pros to the training solo thing. 


1. Beep……Beep. Beep. Beep……Beep. You don’t have to listen to the orchestra of unsynchronized GPS watches. Enjoy that single beep or silence while logging the miles.


2. No need to make up the ol’ gotta tie my shoe excuse to take a break. 


3. You have all your snacks for yourself. You don’t have to donate your last gel to “I always forget my nutrition”.


4. You won’t be down wind when it no longer smells like roses. Bummer you don't have a drafting partner, but you won’t get caught in any unpleasant odors.


5. Enjoy your guilt-free ‘when nature calls’ stops. We doubt you’re missing the whole bike gang stopping to watch you take a bathroom break.


Happy solo training (for now), we can't wait to get back on the roads, trails and pools with everyone! #teamzealios

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