You asked and we have answers! Our top customer questions get answered.

When you make personal care and training products, you get some great questions... or maybe some awkwardly great questions.

We thought we should share a few of the helpful questions with you! From the frequently asked, ‘Should I apply sunscreen before or after I put on my race numbers?’ or  ‘What’s the right way to use chamois cream?’ Get answers to our most asked questions!


Q: "Should I put sunscreen on before or after I apply my race number?" 

A: Before is best. Apply your sunscreen and let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes, then add your race numbers. Adding anything on top of your race numbers could cause them to rub off and not last as long. Z-up then number-up! 

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Sam Long post race still rocking race numbers

Sam Long @samgolong post-race still rockin' race numbers because he applied sunscreen first!



Q: Can I use the Swim & Sport Shampoo everyday even if I’m not swimming?

A: Absolutely. We recommend using our Shampoo everyday to keep your hair free of buildup like sweat & heavy minerals. Plus, our Shampoo is sulfate-free and safe for treated, colored, or curly hair. 

PRO TIP! Have some serious helmet hair or the windy ratty ponytail? Try giving your locks a second lather and rinse. The first wash will wash away the bulk of the dirt and sweat while the second wash will give you a better lather and a deeper clean.

Houston Racing team keeping their hair lovely with Zealios Shampoo & Conditioner
@houstonracing team keeping their hair lovely with Zealios Shampoo & Conditioner


Q: We’ve heard of athletes applying Sun Barrier the night before a race. Is that true?

A: Yep, some athletes shower the night before a race, towel off well and apply a generous amount of Sun Barrier. Come the morning of the race they’ll apply another light layer and they’re set for great sun protection on race day!  

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@tridmc race ready with Zealios Sun Barrier applied the night before

@tridmc on @teamzoot race ready with Sun Barrier applied the night before.



Q: Should I put Betwixt chamois cream on my chamois pad or on my skin?

A: We advise applying directly to your skin for two reasons. One, applying directly to your skin will provide better coverage "down-there". Two, you’ll reduce the risk of missing any spots or cracks by applying to your skin :)


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Rachel McBride's ready for a long ride in the saddle with Betwixt

Rach McBride's @rachelmbc ready for a long ride in the saddle with Betwixt


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