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Zealios 'Zinc Out Loud!' exclusive interviews & workouts from your favorite pro athletes
We dive into all things swim this month!
Get in the pool with Zealios pro triathletes Sarah True, Heather Jackson, Brent McMahon, Rachel McBride, Sarah Piampiano, Jen Annett and Haley Chura. Get their favorite swim workouts, drills and tips to help kick your swimming into the next gear. 
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Zealios 'Zinc Out Loud!' exclusive pro athlete interviews & more!


Early season training can be tough. Battling the feeling that you lost fitness from last season or the lack motivation to get back in the gym because let’s be honest, all that off-season indulging was so nice.

The Team Zealios pro triathletes Heather Jackson, Rachel McBride, Sarah True, Brent McMahon, Sarah Piampiano, Haley Chura and Jen Annett give tips and advice on how they get back into season training and building strength for the season ahead.

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